Family Dentistry in North York - Family Dentistry in Toronto

Your consultation with Dr. Chung provides you with familiarize yourself about our family oriented dental practice. Our friendly and caring family dentistry staff will greet you and answer any questions before and after your inistial consult with Dr. John Chung, your family dentist. 

Why Choose a Family Dentist and not a General Dentist?

Family dentistry and general dentistry are very similar from many perspectives. Both treat your teeth's overall health and oral hygiene respectively. Family dentists tend to treat clients of any age, rendering practices who offer family dentistry an ideal choice for clients who have children. Family dentists offer specialized care and attention for your children's baby teeth as well as their, and your, adult teeth!

family dentistry in north york - family dentistry in toronto

We welcome new patients to meet Dr. Chung and would love to have you visit our office prior to your initial appointment as we value our ability to create a comfortable environment for all treatments. Children especially can benefit from their first visit here, as we can denote the friendly atmoshpere they will encounter during any treatment.

Best of all, having a family dentist allows patients the opportunity to make same day appointments for the entire family! Fewer appointments and an easier oral hygiene regimen make it easier to take care of your busy teeth during your busy schedule. We cannot stress the importance of a proper dental hygiene regimen enough. By booking your entire family for appointments in the same day, you save both time and transportation costs. 

Needless to say, our patient's acquisition of their optimal oral health is our number one priority. Prevention is the best cure for any dental dilemna.

Last Updated On 2020-11-28