Family Dentistry in North York - Family Dentistry in Toronto

Dentistry on Bayview: Family Dentistry is a family-oriented dental practice. From our staff to our patients, we treat everyone we come across like family. We want everyone to feel welcomed and accepted. It’s not only about dentistry in our practice; it’s also about making important connections with everyone. We listen, we understand and we educate. Our friendly and caring staff at your local family dentistry in North York will greet you and answer any questions before and after your initial consultation with Dr. John Chung.


What’s the difference between family dentistry and general dentistry?

Family dentistry and general dentistry are very similar from one another. Both treat your teeth's overall health and oral hygiene. However, General dentistry means a dental practitioner is able to perform most or all sections of dentistry. Meanwhile, family dentists tend to treat clients of all ages, rendering practices who offer family dentistry an ideal choice for clients who have children. Family dentists offer specialized care and attention for your children's baby teeth and your adult teeth. Our dentists in North York will address your oral health in all stages of your life. 


Why should you choose Dentistry on Bayview?

Having a family dentist allows patients the opportunity to make same day appointments for the entire family. This means fewer appointments that could save you time and transportation costs, and an easier oral hygiene regimen for your whole family. Different dentists for each member of your family can be a hassle and we cannot stress the importance of a proper dental hygiene regimen enough. So, at Dentistry on Bayview, your most trusted family dentistry in Toronto, our dentists will inform you of every member in your family’s dental background. Parents will know about your children’s dental situation which can help maintain their oral health from the very start. 


Needless to say, your oral health is our number one priority. Prevention is the best cure for any dental issue, and we’ll gladly help you maintain a healthy smile. Contact us or book an appointment online for your first visit.


Last Updated On 2021-10-19