Dental Bridges in North York, Toronto | Replace a Missing Tooth or Fix Several Missing Teeth

A non-surgical alternative to dental implants, and also a more permanent solution than dentures at Dentistry on Bayview, 3335 Bayview Ave. North York ON. M2K 1G4

When someone loses a tooth as a result of a fracture or decay, they can be left with a gap between their other teeth that is unsightly, might interfere with chewing, and might allow their remaining teeth to drift out of position causing a whole host of additional problems.

For patients with missing teeth, a dental bridges might be the answer!

Named for the way they "bridge" gaps left by missing teeth, bridges restore your smile's health and beauty by placing strong artificial teeth where your natural teeth are missing.

Dental bridges are durable, feel just like your natural teeth and can conveniently be completed in just two time-saving appointments. If you're missing teeth, ask Dr. Chung if a bridge is right for you.

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Dental Bridges in North YorkDental Bridges in Toronto

Dental Bridges North YorkDental Bridges Toronto, ON