Amalgam-Free Dentistry North York

Dr. Chung provides excellent family dentistry in North York. Every dental check up, Dr. Chung and his team carefully examine your teeth, looking for signs of damage or tooth decay. 


And despite our vigilance, and your diligence, occasionally a filling will be necessary.

At that point, you may be asking yourself, which type of filling is right for me?


Patients who are concerned about having mercury or metal in their fillings and crowns should feel at ease during our treatments as Dr. Chung works with a variety of safe materials, including those that are free of amalgam or metal.

Another advantage of non amalgam fillings is that they tend to more closely resemble the original colour of your teeth. If you’re worried about unsightly fillings, we offer alternatives, including composite resins that match the original colour of your teeth, allowing your smile to remain unchanged. 


When a tooth needs filling but the problem isn’t addressed, it can lead to further complications which often require more involved solutions. It’s important to enact solutions as early as possible to avoid the chance of further decay, or tooth pain. Sometimes, when dental problems are left unaddressed, over time, the solutions become more involved. So what called for a filling today, might require a root canal or a crown tomorrow.


Whether you require a filling replacement or need to restore a worn down tooth with a crown, or require something more involved like a root canal or an implant, Dr. Chung can work with you to develop a treatment plan to repair or replace your natural teeth, including solutions that can be executed without using metals or amalgam.  


If you suspect a cavity may be forming, Dr Chung, North York family dentist, is available to discuss your options. 


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Last Updated On 2021-10-19