Orthodontics Braces & Retainers in North York, Toronto

Crooked teeth can cause chewing problems and interfere with the beauty of your smile. Tooth malpositioning can be corrected or even prevented through the use of orthodontics.

Orthodontics involves the use of wires or retainers applied to teeth to slowly and gently over time push them into a more harmonious position. Orthodontics are a great way to help young patients avoid having self esteem issues as a result of having crooked teeth, buck teeth or a weak chin profile. Orthodontics can also help prevent issues like poor sleep habits, TMJ pain or sleep apnea.

Functional Appliance Therapy

About 20% of tooth crookedness is due to genetics and the rest is due to environmental factors like poor tongue position or mouth breathing or allergies. These influences interfere with the normal development of a child's growing face, but can be counteracted by well timed functional appliance therapy using anything from retainers to full headgear.


Traditional braces involve bonding small plastic handles (known as brackets) onto teeth, connecting a metal wire to them and slowly and gently tightening the wire to pull or push the teeth into proper position.

Clear Braces 

Clear Braces involve the use of a thin hard plastic sheath that is placed on top of teeth and worn through-out the day, but can be removed to make eating the tooth brushing more convenient. Clear braces (also known as invisible retainers) are precisely molded so that when placed on top of crooked teeth, they will slowly and gently push them into proper position.

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