Root Canal Therapy in North York, Toronto

In the centre of each tooth is a bundle of blood vessels and nerves called the dental pulp. If something happens to injure the pulp (such as exposure to bacteria from a large cavity) the pulp can die, causing pain and sensitivity and eventually causing the tooth to die and get infected. If left unchecked, this infection can grow and eat away at the tooth and the surrounding bone, eventually resulting in the loss of the infected tooth.

If you suspect that your dental pulp may be infected or injured, Dr. Chung can help. At the earliest stages of pulpal injury, Dr. Chung may be able to repair whatever damage is causing the pulp to be injured, so the pulp can recover. If tooth's dental pulp has started to die or if it has already gotten infected, Dr. Chung can perform Root Canal Therapy to save the tooth.

Root Canal Therapy involves removing what remains of a dead or dying pulp (under local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort), cleaning out the chamber in the tooth where the pulp was housed, and filling the chamber with an inert plastic filling material.

Contrary to popular perception, root canal treatments these days are commonly painless and can be completed in one or two appointments.

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Root Canal Therapy in North YorkRoot Canal Therapy in North York Toronto

Root Canal Therapy in North York ON