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Root canals have an oversized, fearsome reputation for being a painful, uncomfortable procedure. But modern techniques have made them significantly more comfortable, not to mention faster procedures. 

Within a natural tooth there is a bundle of blood vessels and nerves that are referred to as the ‘dental pulp’. The health of this dental pulp is vitally important for the maintenance of strong, healthy teeth.


Occasionally, this pulp can become damaged. This usually happens through trauma, exposure to bacteria, or a significant, untreated cavity. Initially, this damage is experienced as tooth pain or sensitivity. Eventually, infected dental pulp can cause the tooth to die. At that point, the infection can grow, eating away at the tooth as well as the surrounding bone, leading to the loss of the infected tooth.


At the earliest stages of pulpal injury the tooth can often be saved without resorting to a root canal by addressing whatever damage allowed the tooth to become injured to begin with. This allows the dental pulp to recover. If, on the other hand, the pulp has started to die, or is already infected, you’ll need a root canal to address the problem. Luckily, at Dentistry on Bayview, you can get root canal therapy in North York.


A root canal involves four steps:


First, Dr. Chung applies a local anesthesia to ensure patient comfort.


Second, using the smallest tools possible, a small hole is drilled to access the inside of the tooth from the top, at which point, the infected dental pulp is removed from within the tooth. 


Third, the tooth is filled-in with an inert plastic material, and a temporary cap is installed.


Finally, the patient returns for a follow up visit in order to install a permanent crown.


Contact your North York dentist at Dentistry On Bayview if you suspect your tooth may be infected, or schedule an appointment online.

Root Canal Therapy in North YorkRoot Canal Therapy in North York Toronto

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