Sedation Dentistry in North York, Toronto | Laughing Gas and More.

If you've ever been nervous about visiting the dentist and were concerned about pain or discomfort during a procedure, sedation dentistry serves as a pain-free option that can help put patients at ease.

Through the use of safe and tested medicines, varying degrees of sedation can be obtained to help you get through your dental procedure. Sedation dentistry is ideal for individuals who are fearful or anxious about their dental procedure (such as children) or for those who have to undergo more than one procedure during the same appointment.

A commonly known, and widely used form of sedation involves the use of an oxygen - nitrous oxide (or laughing gas) mixture; this is a mild sedative, administered via comfortable face masks, that puts patients at ease during minor dental procedures. In instances where greater forms of sedatives are required, oral sedation dentistry can be used in the form of pills, taken by the mouth. This is the most common type of anesthesia used in sedation.

The stronger forms of sedation bring patients to a state where they truly are asleep, assuring that there will be no memory of the procedure and that no pain will be felt.

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