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Your teeth may look smooth and hard, but the surface of a tooth is actually quite porous. As a result, many of the foods we eat and drink, like coffee, tea, fruit juice, or beets, can over time discolour your teeth.


While this is entirely natural, some people end up being dissatisfied with their yellow and stained teeth. Fortunately, there are solutions for teeth whitening in North York that are available at Dentistry on Bayview. 


What is teeth whitening? 


It’s a simple procedure where bleaching agents are used to brighten your smile. These bleaches break stains into smaller pieces, which makes the color less concentrated and your teeth brighter. Generally speaking, the longer you keep the bleaching agent on your teeth, the whiter it becomes. However, depending on the peroxide concentration and percentage used, the bleach should only be left on your teeth for a short amount of time. 


What are the different bleaching options used for teeth whitening?


Our dentists in North York offer a variety of solutions for teeth whitening:


  • Take-home tooth whitening kits are a popular solution. These kits consist of strips that you apply to your teeth at home. They work by temporarily opening the porous structures of the teeth, and releasing the stains. They may cause transient tooth sensitivity, because while the dental pores are enlarged, your nerves receive more stimulation. These treatments typically are applied on a daily basis over the course of a week or more.
  • In-office power bleaching is an option that will yield more immediate results, which is a procedure performed at Dentistry on Bayview. It works by applying a bleaching agent, typically hydrogen peroxide, to the teeth. While this has been demonstrated to have no adverse effects on tooth enamel, the gums have to be completely isolated during the procedure. Power bleaching is an effective option for those who hope to see results now, instead of in a few weeks.


If you’re dissatisfied with discolouration of your teeth, or if you’ve noticed unsightly stains, please contact Dr. Chung at Dentistry On Bayview, or book an appointment online for a consultation on teeth whitening in Toronto.


Teeth Whitening in North York Teeth Whitening in Toronto

Last Updated On 2021-09-18